We wanted to remind you that we are opening the Driving Range today, and it will be open all weekend. Spending some time on the driving range is not a bad idea for this Presidents Day weekend. Winter has been cold and snowy, so we are going to take advantage of the warm weather while we can.

Since we are opening the range, we thought it would be a good idea to give a quick overview of proper Driving Range etiquette when it comes to the turf. Walking up to the range and not being able to find a spot that has enough grass to hit from is no fun. It also makes it harder on the grounds crew to keep the driving range tee in good shape. So, what is the correct way to take divots on the driving range? Should we scatter our divots? Should we be taking one big concentrated area of sod?

The answer to the question is to take a linear divot pattern as shown in the middle of the picture above. According to the USGA, the linear pattern is preferred because it removes the least amount of turf. A player will want to place the next ball behind the previous divot for about 15-20 shots, then move sideways to create another line. Leaving roughly 4″ of turf between the linear patterns provides for a timely grow-in of the turf canopy. This will provide for a much cleaner driving range tee.

We hope to see you out here this weekend!