Greetings from the Superintendent, April 20, 2019!

Things are in full swing (no pun intended) here at the Elkhorn Ridge Maintenance Department! As we now face the up-and-down weather of spring, there are some unique challenges and yearly tasks that we must undergo to wake up the golf course and bring us into the warmer months.

I won’t bore you with those details, so let’s talk about the course conditions…

Overall, the course wintered extremely well! Aside from the usual vole damage and the outlying patches of snow mold, all surfaces came through with no winter dessication damage.

As of this week, our soil temps were in the low-mid 50’s, which tells us that we are only a couple days of sunshine away from the grass really taking off. The roots need soil temps of about 58-60 F to really get going, so we plan all of our springtime watering and fertilizing around this aspect.

We’ve mowed the greens a couple times, and will continue to lower the cutting height over the next few weeks once we see some growth. Some of the fairways and tees take a little longer to green up due to their microclimates, so we may not even mow some of the fairways until early-May.

There’s always a new project or seven going on during springtime at Elkhorn Ridge, and we have a few to highlight…we will be adding a staircase and rock wall to #1 white tees. The rock wall will contain a special memorial plaque dedicated to Clarence Casados, a 9-year employee of Elkhorn Ridge who passed away last August.

We also have a couple minor irrigation additions on holes #1, 8, 11 and 12. These will enhance the playability of some of the last unirrigated rough areas.

That’s about it, in a very, very large acorn shell! Can’t wait to make the course shine for you this season!

Thanks for playing,

Greg Brandriet, CGCS

(605) 722-4659